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Welcome to ABC Schoolhouse!

We are so glad you visited us today. This site is the creation of Stefani Sadler and Tracy Jarboe. We are both school teachers and enjoy writing, illustrating and presenting educational materials. We have many books available for purchase and free sample PDFs as well. We hope you enjoy your trip to the schoolhouse.


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To print the free patterns that are available in some of the above themes - simply click on the pattern, the file will open, and then print.  It's that easy!


Celebrating the 100th Day of School

All of our activities and patterns are available in our "Hooray for the 100th Day"     e-book. To see this book simply click on the icon to the right.

We have provided some 100th day ideas for you on this page.


The Wolf's Chicken Stew - (one of our favorite 100's day books)

Read the story "Wolf's Chicken Stew " just before going out to recess. While the children are gone hide 100 yellow chicks around the room. When the children return have them search for the chicks and group them in lines of ten. For more challenge you could number the chicks from 1 to 100 and have the children place them in numerical order. If by chance a chick or two is not found, it usually turns up within a day or two to the joy and amazement of the children. If you want to re-use the chicks year after year it would be wise to invest in having them laminated at Kinkos.


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100's Day Writing Ideas:

100's Day Collections ...










When I am 100 years old ...











I feel 100 feet tall when ...












If I had $100 ...











100's Day Art

Self Portraits:

Use a brown paper bag or paper that has been colored using skin tone crayons. Crunch the paper up and then flatten it out again to give the appearance of wrinkles.

Have the students write or take dictation about what they will be like when they are 100 years old.













100's Day Hats:

These may be purchased commercially from www.reallygoodstuff.com or made in class.








More ideas will be added, so check back from time to time.



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