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We are so glad you visited us today. This site is the creation of Stefani Sadler and Tracy Jarboe. We are both school teachers and enjoy writing, illustrating and presenting educational materials. We have many books available for purchase and free sample PDFs as well. We hope you enjoy your trip to the schoolhouse.


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To print the free patterns that are available in some of the above themes - simply click on the pattern, the file will open, and then print.  It's that easy!


Cowboy Day Direct Download! (Pdf, 2 MB)
Howdy Pardner, Have you ever found a rootin’ tootin’ great book that inspired your students? Sho nuff we found one! “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” by Mark Teague inspired us to create a 35 page activity filled e-book that will get your little doggies a writin’. This includes everything you need for a great “Cowboy Day”: instructions and activities to develop standard-based background knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, successful western writing, cowboy/girl art, templates and recipes! Yup, you get the whole kit and caboodle. Hang on to your hats and get ready to blaze a writing trail. Yee-haw!
Price: $5.00

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Introduction and How to Use This E-book


The activities included in this e-book are intended to enhance a themed writing experience for students in grades one through three.  The activities may be used all at once for a Western Day Celebration or may be presented in smaller increments over several days for a more in-depth experience.

We have provided the description and patterns for each cowboy activity.  It is easy to customize the materials to accommodate for student ability, schedules, and to reach the ultimate goal of increasingly higher levels of student engagement and independence.  The topic of “cowboys” is highly motivating for students.  This motivation, paired with an outstanding piece of literature, will excite students to greater understanding, confidence and experience with the writing process. Sharing and displaying the resulting work will build self-esteem and a sense of personal accomplishment. 

Based on the book, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” written by Mark Teague,  students are given the opportunity to become immersed in cowboy lore, language, and music which prepare them for a series of themed activities based on language arts standards and higher levels of depth of knowledge.. After reading and                 discussing this story, students respond to comprehension questions (oral or written, individually, or in total class which may be determined by student ability or teacher choice). Read aloud and discussion not only excite interest, but develop background knowledge and vocabulary as well.

Students then discuss cowboy characteristics and categorize them by adjectives, nouns, verbs, and so on.  The learning  becomes more powerful when the teacher acts as a facilitator and allows the students to do the majority of the thinking.  Students are      encouraged to share their knowledge and experience regarding  cowboys.  The teacher may display pictures, posters, books, and realia if possible, to build interest and enhance learning opportunities for the students.  In this e-book we have provided several word lists to get your class started.  These lists may be projected on the Smart Board or students may have individual copies for reference once  the writing begins.


In Mark Teague’s story, Wallace who is the main character, writes a postcard to Aunt Fern explaining what has happened to him and how he became a cowboy.  This becomes a prompt for writing in which students will imagine themselves in a similar situation and they will  be writing a letter home to their family describing their cowboy or cowgirl experiences.  If the letter writing format is new for the students, take the necessary time to first teach the essentials of friendly letter writing.


Abcschoolhouse.com offers three resources that may help you with this process: “Classroom Mail”, “Friendly Letter Writing with The  Jolly Postman”, and “Friendly Letter Writing with Mr. Blueberry”.







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