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Welcome to ABC Schoolhouse!

We are so glad you visited us today. This site is the creation of Stefani Sadler and Tracy Jarboe. We are both school teachers and enjoy writing, illustrating and presenting educational materials. We have many books available for purchase and free sample PDFs as well. We hope you enjoy your trip to the schoolhouse.


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To print the free patterns that are available in some of the above themes - simply click on the pattern, the file will open, and then print.  It's that easy!


Center Based Instruction

We have written three center-based instruction e-books that offer many center activities and patterns. To learn more about these e-books simply click on the book titles to the right.

Literacy Centers

Get Started With Literacy Centers! We all know that small group instruction is vital to successful learning in the primary classroom, but what do we do with the rest of the class while we are teaching these small groups? We understand the value of student initiated learning, but how do we include that in our instructional day? We want to provide our students with meaningful, engaging and standard based independent practice, but how? The answer to all of these questions lies in the implementation of literacy centers in the classroom! Literacy centers provide meaningful and authentic instruction for students, while providing uninterrupted teaching time for directed small group instruction. Center based learning allows for student led practice in all the key areas of the language arts framework. Most importantly, center based instruction instills confidence and excitement in our young learners. This e-book contains over 60 literacy centers and is over 120 pages in length.



Math Centers

Math Centers is 190 pages of ideas to create a learning environment that allows the children to explore, respond, construct, practice, count, classify, sort, observe, predict, connect, record, extend and apply skills in a meaningful and exciting manner. The centers are designed for practice and reinforcement, thus creating an instructional block in which the teacher will have uninterrupted time on task with small learning groups. Centers are meaningful, empowering, authentic and they work!




Learning Centers

This packet contains Learning Center activities and blackline masters designed to teach social science skills in an effective standard based manner. Each section offers several center activities followed by blackline masters, student samples and photographs where applicable. All of the activities and blacklines were designed by Tracy Jarboe & Stefani Sadler. Tracy and Stefani have over 30 years combined experience teaching in the primary grades.




Tara Byran - A friend of ABC Schoolhouse has submitted some ideas to share that we have featured on this page. Thank you Tara!

If you have ideas that you would like to share, we encourage you to do so by using the "Lesson Plans Submission" icon located on the right side of the homepage.

Tara's Center Activities

Nature Center
Sort and Count Seeds. Place a few seeds in a muffin tin and let children sort a cupful of seeds in the correct places.
Block Center
Sort large and small blocks. Have signs ready that say "LARGE" and "small" and let the children sort the LARGE blocks under the LARGE sign and sort the small blocks under the small sign.

Manipulative Center                                                                                                    Sort manipulatives by color, size and shape. Dump out several different tubs of manipulatives on the floor and let the children sort by color. Then sort by shape and then by size. To clean up have the children sort them back into the correct bin.
Color Bingo
Play color bingo at the manipulative table. I use the color bingo that has 8 squares   (2 rows and 4 columns) and that have circles with 11 colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, pink, gray, and white). This game is very easy to make or you can buy one.

Reading Center
Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Make a class book of each child telling you something that they see. Start out like Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? (picture of a brown bear) I see Mrs. Tara (teacher’s name) smiling at me. (picture of teacher smiling). Mrs. Tara, Mrs. Tara (teacher’s name) what do you see? I see (child’s name) looking at me. (child’s name, child’s name) what do you see? (child draws a picture of who he/she sees). I see (who) looking at me. And so on.

Easel Center                                                                                                              Allow the children to color on black or dark blue paper using color chalks.


Tara's Color Activities

Rainbow Song                                                                                                            (Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle)
Red and orange, green and blue, shiny yellow, purple too.
All the colors we know, line up in the rainbow.
Red and orange, green and blue, shiny yellow, purple too.

Color Game
Give each child a red, green, blue or yellow shaped person cutout. Encourage her to move her color fellow at the appropriate time.

Red, green, blue and yellow: These are the color fellows.
Hold yours up when you hear its name.
It’s time to play a color game.

Red, red, move so high. Reach and try to touch the sky.
Green, green, move round and round. Circle up and circle down.
Blue, blue, move left and right. Move until you’re out of sight.
Yellow, yellow, move front and back. Keep on moving. Stay on track. 
Our color game is almost done. Let’s play again; oh what fun!
Is your favorite color blue? If it is, then move your shoe.
Is your favorite color red? If it is then nod your head. 
Is your favorite color green? If it is, then look real mean.
Is your favorite color yellow? If it is, then shake like jell-o.
Is your favorite color brown? If it is, then jump up and down.
Now touch your shoe, nod your head, look real mean, shake like Jell-o, jump up and down and say your favorite color.












Kindergarten and Primary Lesson Plans for Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Literacy, Computers, Learning Centers, Social Studies, and More!


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